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Dear Parents/Guardians,


John Johnson, parent and Fentanyl expert presented powerful information at the Parent Café held 11/30/22. 


Parents also came up with the following ideas to support other families in talking with their teens about the dangers of Fentanyl:


-Educate teens on what Fentanyl is and how little can kill a person (1 gram of salt), which could be only half of a pill

-Counterfeit pills look exactly the same (even if someone says they got it from their parents medicine cabinet)

-Talk and talk—don’t assume youth know the dangers. Talk openly and often. Ask your teen, “what do you know about opioids/Fentanyl?” 

-Talk about where they might be in danger, help to identify it (parties, hanging out with friends

-Give them strategies to “save face” if they are offered a pill by peers 

-Find a VIDEO to watch together to start the conversation


Here are more national resources:


Thank you to Mr. Johnson for your time and expertise. Special thanks to Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Schryer and Mrs. Rydman for your help with Parent Café. Thanks to all the parents who attended in person and online.


Please listen to The Principal’s Plank PODCAST with Principal Niehoff, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Schryer and Claudia Peña, where they discuss the Fentanyl epidemic.