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Clubs & Activities

Join a Club!

It's fun.
It's community service.
It's a great way to make new friends.
Join one, two, maybe three! Or propose a new club
by finding an advisor among the faculty, completing the
application, and submitting it to ASB advisor Cantrell in room C2.
You can find club forms on the district website; the link is on the right.

Meeting Minutes

Every club must record meeting minutes from every meeting. You can meet as many times per year as your club decides but meeting minutes are required for all POs and reimbursement requests to show that your club approved the request. Sports teams do not need meeting minutes. They just need their team captains to sign their POs.

Meeting minutes are used to show that each club approved the submitted PO or reimbursement request and are required before ASB General will approve any request.
Necessary forms can be found below and on the district site.
Each year a new application is required even if no changes have occurred. Please submit this to Mr. Cantrell in P18.
Please record meeting minutes for each meeting. The advisor will submit them.