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Welcome to the Santa Ynez Valley High School library! 
M-F 7:30 - 4:00

Our collection houses over 15,000 materials that the students can check out and interact with at the library. From fiction, non-fiction and now graphic novels; there is something for everyone to read and study with. 

On the right you will find our Online Library electronic resource links to the Sora digital library, as well as the Britannica study and research guide. Login with your school email for free access! 

Students are welcome to visit during lunch and after school for any quiet study time and peace. 

Have any book requests? Ms.Kolec is happy to help you find what you need or add it to our collection for student use! You just have to ask. 

Want to be a featured 'Club of the Month' in the display case? Submit your name for a chance to decorate and show off your stuff! 

School Librarian
 Ms. Kolec
Santa Ynez High School Murder Mystery Clue #3
Officer Peter's has agreed to share some top secret photos the school had obtained from the camera's in the library. It seems to be from the moment Edmund was killed??