Yearbook Info

Pirate Revue Yearbook

$85 Pre-order before April 1        Purchase after April 1 $95

Q & A
  • Will we have a 2021 yearbook? YES
  • Will it be a good yearbook? YES
  • How can it be a better yearbook? PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITIES AND UPLOAD PICTURES.
  • Will we have senior dedication pages? YES. CONTACT THE ADVISOR ASAP
Three ways to purchase a yearbook 
  • Order and pay at the Business Office with check, cash, or credit card.
  • Order through the ASB Web Store
  • Mail a check to SYHS Yearbook, PO Box 398, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.
Other information
  • To learn if you ordered a yearbook, email
  • A link for the order form, if desired, is on the right, but it is not necessary.
  • Yearbooks are distributed the week before final exams.
  • Links on the right provide info on portraits, photographers, senior & business ads, club group pictures, picture guidelines, and more.
  • Only yearbooks can be purchased on the ASB WEBSTORE. Senior dedication ads and business ads can be purchased at the business office or through the mail.
Senior Portraits
Senior portraits are due by March 1. Please upload senior portraits via this link: Senior Portrait OneDrive
Photo Contest - Win a gift certificate from Amazon or El Rancho!
Hound and human 
Feline and human
Alternative pet and human companion
Tips for good photography
  • Have enough light, but not bright sunlight; midday outdoor in the shade is best.
  • Take note of the background; distracting backgrounds take attention away from your subject.
  • Have someone take the picture or use the timer and lean the camera on something.
Submit your photo here: LINK
Yearbook Needs Photos
Submit your photo here: LINK
Staff email:
Advisor info:  805-688-6487 ext. 2404