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Parents and Guardians, 

In pursuit of unifying the "Pirate Community" I am sending out a survey regarding alumni currently still living in Santa Ynez Valley with children, grandchildren, and possibly great grand children who are currently attending SYHS.  The goal is to get some perspective on the changes and growth at the school and within the community, and also re-establish for others who do not have this experience what it means to be a Pirate and attend SYHS. If you have questions, please contact my office or email Alexa Tomasini at [email protected]
*Please complete the survey by Thursday September 21st. 




Hello Pirate Families, Students and Community, 


I am Mitch Torina and I will be serving as your interim principal at Santa Ynez High School for this first semester of the 2023-24 school year. I look forward to establishing relationships, supporting our students, teachers and staff and anchoring the school year with high expectations, good energy and a servant’s efficiency. 


A major undercurrent of my 25+ years of experience in education is that leadership is a position of service. My goal is to serve the community in a way that benefits our students in their academic pursuits and personal growth. Give our teachers and staff the best academic environment to help our students. As well as provide clear and timely communication to our community on that process from the Santa Ynez High School campus. 



Thank you for your support and...Go Pirates! 


Mitch Torina