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The Associated Student Body (ASB) consists of the executive council, class officers for each grade, and members-at-large. ASB meets as a class to plan and execute school-wide activities to enhance student and campus life. They organize student orientation programs, lunchtime activities, dances, and charitable drives to name just a few. Students interested in joining please fill out the ASB application linked below. Applications are due by 5/7/21 and can be emailed to

ASB – Associated Student Body is excited to share the 2020-2021 Officers and Members:

ASB President:

Isaac Soto

ASB Vice President:

Jackson Stevens

ASB Secretary: 

Ashley Figueroa

ASB Board Rep:

Ella Hoose

ASB Treasurer: 

Ben Redell

Senior Class President:

Brock Hrehor

Senior Class Vice President: 

Josh Kazali

Junior Class President:

Matthew Hartman

Junior Class Vice President:

Casandra Lopez

Sophomore Class President:

Zoe Kazali

Sophomore Class Vice President:

Caleb Cassidy

Freshmen Class President: 

Shannon Morehouse

Freshmen Class Vice President:

Isabella Bohlinger-Keefe

OLA Representatives:

Jazmine Rosales

Annette Figueroa 

Casandra Lopez

At Large Members:   

Logan Ast

Lauren Bradley

Lupita Bugarin

Natalia Contreras

Jude Holthaus

Ginger Huddy

Alexa Jimenez

Hailey Johnson

Remi Josefsohn

Lily Kallens

Aidan O’Neill

Lilli Pace

Ryan Painter

Gianna Pecile

Brielle Saarloos

Isabela Soto de Leon

Callaway Winans

Rye Winans