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Summer Pirate Check-In

                                                                                                                 Summer Pirate Check-In                                                

Pirate Check- In Overview: (Important: this step must be completed before your student can pick up their course schedule)
Prior to the start of each school year, parents and guardians are required to complete the registration process for their children. Families with multiple children enrolled at SYHS must complete the check in process for each child individually.
STEP ONE: Complete Data Confirmation 
1. Summer Pirate Check-In Data Confirmation: Click Here
2. Your username is the Parent Email we have on file.

3. Your password is the password you created. If you forgot your password, or did not create a password, select "forgot password". You will follow the prompts to reset your password. If you click on "forgot password", be patient. It may take up to 24 hours to be notified your password has been reset. 

4. When you see the prompt that asks you to complete the Date confirmation, select "click here". Please note:  Aeries Portal site refers to our online check-in process as the "Data Confirmation Process".
5. Follow the prompts and update information as needed. Be sure to click the green "Confirm and Continue" button after updating each tab.
6. After all information has been updated, select the green "Finish and Submit" button.

 Multiple Students: To complete the Check-in process for multiple students, go to Change student in the upper-right of the Portal screen and update information as needed.
*Please note that Pirate Check-In is not available until the summer, at that time you will be able to update your students information.
STEP TWO: 2020-2021 Pirate Check- In Forms 
1. Click below for the grade-level specific information forms. Please bring all completed forms to Pirate Check- In.