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Pirate Parent / Student Portal 
At Santa Ynez High School we believe that parents are our invaluable partners in the educational process. For this reason, we are pleased to provide parents with a 21st century tool to stay connected to the school. With a Pirate Portal account, you will be able to look directly into our student information system to view your student’s attendance and other school records. You will also have instant access to look into your student’s teachers’ grade books to monitor academic progress and check for missing assignments. To access the Pirate Parent Portal, you will need to create a new account and login credentials by following the steps below.


Go to www.syvpirates.org and click on the button labeled “Portal” near the top of the home page or type https://www.accessmystudent.com/santaynezvalleyuhsd/ into your browser’s address bar to create your account and access your student’s school records. Before you begin, please be sure that you have a valid email address 

 1.  Your Student's permanent Student ID number: 1234567 (Sample)
 2.  Your home phone number listed in school records: 8056886487 (Sample)
 3.  The unique verification code* you received by mail: ABC123EFGH (Sample)

     * Email the help desk  if you've misplaced your unique verification code.
If you have more than one student at SYVUHS, you will have received a letter specific to each one. Please note that you have the ability to associate your parent account with multiple students to avoid having more than one parent login. To do so, after you have created your parent account for the first of your children, select “Add Additional Student Not Currently Listed” from the “Current Student” dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the header of any Parent Portal page. Note: you will need to have items 1-3 from the list above for each student you would like to add to your account. 
Still need help?  Please email support by clicking here.